Heart Shift

Brian Shobert


Description:God gave us a heart, but throughout the Scriptures it is called deceitful. How do we tame our hearts and focus it on what matters? Join us on the journey to shift our eyes and hearts onto the Lord.

Life Shift pt.2

Brian Shobert


Description:This week we take a closer look at what motivates each of us.

Life Shift pt.1

Brian Shobert


Description:When we enter a new life in Christ, what should our focus be? We have been called to be ambassadors...Join us this week as we dig a little deeper into what being an ambassador looks like.

God Shift pt.2

Brian Shobert


Description:When we "belong" to Christ, how should our lives be impacted? Listen to this week's conversation to find out and see how Jesus taught a Pharisee about that very topic.

God Shift pt.1

Brian Shobert


Description:This week we explore what it means to long after the Lord. God wants to shift out thinking, actions, and life but we have to be willing to let Him.

The Big Church Shift

Brian Shobert


Description:How does a look at the early church in the book of Acts shift the way we experience church today? Join us as we explore that very topic.

The BIG Shift

Brian Shobert


Description:What does living by faith mean to us in our everyday life? Should it shift our existing "earthly" priorities? Join us as we begin to explore these questions.

Who's Calling the Plays?

Alan Nauman


Description:In this week's final message of 2014, Alan takes a look at sovereignty, providence and how we fit into both.

Why God Gives

Brian Shobert


Description:During our Christmas Service this year, we look at the reasons that God gives to His children.

What God Gives

Brian Shobert


Description:This week we take a look at the kinds of gifts that God gives and the timing in which they are given.

How God Gives

Brian Shobert


Description:This week we take a closer look at how God gives.

Better to Give

Brian Shobert


Description:Is it truly better to give than to receive?

Giving Thanks in the Good Times

Brian Shobert


Description:You would think it would be easy to give thanks when things are going well, but it may be harder than we realize.

Giving Thanks in the Hard Times

Brian Shobert


Description:This week we take a look at giving thanks even when we don't feel like it.

Have a Seat

Brian Shobert


Description:An ivitation has been sent to join us at the table of gratitude. Join us as we begin our new series: the Table.

Victory Lap

Brian Shobert


Description:After any well fought victory a "victory lap" is a must.

Victory Steps

Brian Shobert


Description:A fresh look at the story of Jericho in the book of Joshua reveals some great principles for every Christ-follower.

Victory Song

Brian Shobert


Description:This week we take a look at one of the most improbable victories in the Bible.

Overwhelming Victory

Brian Shobert


Description:There are very few times the word victory is used in personal life. We like this word in sports, games and war, but not everyday life. These conversations may change your life - if we will only allow God's understanding of victory to become our own.

My friends are...

Brian Shobert


Description:In this week's conversation we take a closer look at the importance of friends on the journey of life.

My weakness is...

Brian Shobert


Description:This week's conversation begins with a monologue that Brian wrote, performed by Mrs. Jennifer Pritchett. Brian helps us identify our weaknessess while pointing us to the power of God.

My Enemy is...

Brian Shobert


Description:This week, Brian helps us answer the question, "Why are we here today?" and takes a closer look at the enemies that we all face.

My Kryptonite is...

Brian Shobert


Description:Brian begins our newest series entitled, My Kryptonite. This week he looks at three things every superhero has in common and how that applies to our lives.

Necessary Conversations

Brian Shobert


Description:Have we grown too comfortable with the darkness around us?

Destroying the Darkness

Brian Shobert


Description:Digging into Ephesians 5 and finding ways to expel the darkness that at times overwhelms us.

Now What?

Alan Nauman


Description:Now that we know that making disciples is our responsibility, now what?

Making Disciples

Paul Shafer


Description:Making Disciples :: Week 2 :: Discipleship

Looking Inside Ourselves

Alan Nauman


Description:Looking Inside Ourselves :: Week One :: Discipleship

Seek First

Brian Shobert


Description:Seek First :: Week 4 :: Responses to Gimmicks pt 2

Riddle or Self

Brian Shobert


Description:Riddle or Self :: Week 3 :; Responses to Gimmicks part 2

True or False

Brian Shobert


Description:True or False :: Week 2 :: Responses to Gimmicks part 2

Thought War

Brian Shobert


Description:Thought War :: Week 1 :; Responses to Gimmicks part 2

Compassionate Preparations

Brian Shobert


Description:Week 4 :: Compassionate Preparations :: Responses to Gimmicks

Compassion for the Lost

Paul Shafer


Description:Compassion for the Lost :: Week 3 :: Responses to Gimmicks

Compassionate Acts

Brian Shobert


Description:Compassoinate Acts :: Week 2 :: Responses to Gimmicks

Reputation of Compassion

Brian Shobert


Description:Reputation of Compassion :: Week 1 :: Responses to Gimmicks

God or Gimmick #4

Brian Shobert


Description:God or Gimmick #4 :: Week 4 :: God or Gimmick

God or Gimmick #3

Brian Shobert


Description:God or Gimmick #3 :: Week 3 :: God or Gimmick

God or Gimmick #2

Brian Shobert


Description:God or Gimmick #2 :: Week 2 :: God or Gimmick

God or Gimmick

Brian Shobert


Description:God or Gimmick :: week 1 :: God or Gimmick

All In

Brian Shobert


Description:All In :: Week 4 :: Full

Laying Down

Brian Shobert


Description:Laying Down :: Week 3 :: Full

In The Know

Brain Shobert


Description:In The Know :: Week 2 :: Full

Warning and Challenge

Brian Shobert


Description:Warning and Challenge :: Week 1 :: Full

Walk: All New Steps

Brian Shobert


Description:Walk: All New Steps :: Week 5 :: Walk

Walk:In His Light

Brian Shobert


Description:Walk:In His Light :: Week 4 :: Walk

Walk:With Him

Brian Shobert


Description:Walk:With Him :: Week 3 :: Walk

March 9, 2014

Alan Nauman


Description:Part 2 :: Week 2 :: Walk

Walk:Like Him

Brian Shobert


Description:Walk:With Him :: Week 3 :: Walk